Welcome to The Henry Flute Studio!


 The Henry Flute Studio is a unique enrichment program designed to provide flute lessons along with supplemental opportunities tailored to enhance the education and experience of each flute student. 

Students in The Henry Flute Studio will have opportunities unlike any other private lessons program. The enrichment activities that will be offered to students include:

  • studio recitals
  • field trips (symphony concerts, flute recitals, flute conventions, etc.)
  • guest artist masterclasses, workshops, and recitals
  • audition preparation for chair placements, honor bands, youth orchestras/wind ensembles, and competitions
  • studio parties with fun activities
  • music theory and music history enrichment of music being studied
  • student-specified curriculum based on student's goals and the teacher's support and guidance
  • practice regimens and techniques that WORK based on learning styles
  • mentorship and career guidance
  • etiquette for performers and audience members 
  • developing leadership and teamwork skills through chamber music involvement

Handouts about topics covered in lessons will also be used and given to students to be kept in a dedicated flute notebook that will be used and referred to throughout the program.

Students of all ages and abilities are welcome to join The Henry Flute Studio! Past students have ranged from ages 9-65 and vary in ability level from newbies to collegiate level.

​From the very first lesson, students will learn that lessons will be educational AND entertaining (sometimes using Oreo cookies and arts and crafts projects)! The Henry Flute Studio aims to provide an encouraging yet demanding studio atmosphere where students can improve at the most consistent rate and get the most out of their time in lessons and benefit fully from planned activities. Students will not only learn to be great flutists but how to be great well-rounded musicians that will be successful and happy human beings in all aspects of life. They will have a very student-specific curriculum tailored to their goals as a flutist and musician based on the combination of the student’s personal goals and the personal insight and guidance of the teacher. Students will also learn how to become their own teachers in their personal practice; this is the best way for students to learn to realize their full potential and bring their very best to each lesson.

Each student will be expected to come to each lesson prepared, ready to work, and keep an open mind to the teacher's suggestions and ideas. To do this, students must practice at least 5 days a week; there are NO substitutes or short cuts around this. All students are highly encouraged to attend and participate in studio events. Students are also encouraged to find ways to apply what they have learned in lessons and become involved in their community (ie: community bands/orchestras, school bands/orchestras, solo and ensemble festival, honor bands, competitions, church, nursing homes, etc). Students will learn how to practice effectively to yield the best results by adopting the philosophy of practicing for progress, not perfection (especially when learning something new).

As a student in The Henry Flute Studio, your lessons will always include duets!  Students will learn how to work well in groups and will be encouraged to perform with others, and that starts in a comfortable environment with someone who is there to help and encourage the student every step of the way. This is also an excellent way to improve sight reading, a skill that is essential to have as a growing musician no matter the student’s skill level. Each student will work on establishing and maintaining fundamentals of playing (tone, technique, articulation, rhythm, dynamics, tone colors, phrasing, etc) and will apply them to a recital piece to be performed on a studio recital. This type of preparation will teach students the value of commitment to a goal and build confidence on their instrument.

The Henry Flute Studio's biggest goal for each student is helping them find their voice and inspiring them to embrace who they are as musicians and humans through music.